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Ice cream vendor
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

As far as I remember, his name is Sundaram. I saw him selling ice cream in Mamallapuram beach.After we finished bathing in the beach for 2 hours, we thought of having an ice cream for each. The Sun was harsh. The sand under our feet were really hot; we were not even able to stand in a place for more than 2 minutes. Sundaram was there in the beach through out the day with his ice cream hand puller. I had ice cream in the noon and forgot him totally, but when I came back to the beach in the evening, I saw him still there in the beach. It was already dark in the beach, he had a electric bulb connected with his hand puller. I smiled at him and asked for a photograph. He was glad...
When the Sun rises | Fishermen at work
Monday, March 12, 2007

Mamallapuram is one of the place in the east coast of Bay of Bengal which was a worst hit of Tsunami 2004. On 26 December early in the morning, it was just few waves which came and changed the lives of the fishermen community at Mamallapuram. It had been a nightmare for the people who live their life by fishing and for the people who had been staying by the sea. Still the people coped up with that and started living a new life again. It is like a rebirth of phoenix.I wanted to observe their activities and the way how they stand united to cope up with the devastated natural calamities.This photoessay is a tribute to those fishermen who are no longer with us.


Moment of Life | 08:55 AM, March 4, 2007
Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vegetable vendor at Russel Market. Early in the morning , First ray of the sun fell on him from behind. A reflected glowing light from the tomatoes, garlics and onions created some kind of surreal effect on his face. Not enough to see it, not so less to hide it, may be it was just perfect as to hide his inner self. I can only imagine here. He may be in his late fifties. I wonder, his son or daughter might be as old as me and working somewhere or doing some business. He must retire from his job at this stage when his child would be earning enough to look him after. I don't really know the situation here. May be he does it because , his children are still searching for a job or do not earn money enough; may be he does it because he does not want to be on the mercy of his children for a living. Another moment of life, for a survive, for a better day.


Moment of Life | 08:11 AM , 20 FEBRUARY 2007
Monday, February 19, 2007

While passing through this burial ground, today morning, I came across this man digging up soil for putting a coffin inside. I just stopped there for sometime, watched him speechlessly for near about 15 minutes. I was thinking about the situation and wondering what was there in his mind. I felt this job is not just a ordinary day-to-day soil digging, but something more difficult than this. It relates with something, kind of a end of life; and when you realize this fact, you need to convince yourself with this fact that you are also a part of it. And it become more difficult to do the job.

I don't know whether this person too quite thinks in this way, but I am sure about one thing that he does this job to earn a life for him and for his family; his spouse, his children. A different moment of life altogether.



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